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Head of Department’s Message

Dear Students,

While the 21st century raises knowledge to the position of the main production factor with its quantitative and qualitative features, it makes old balances no longer sustainable. In the information age we live in, the cost of producing and transmitting information is decreasing, while the contribution of human capital and artificial intelligence combinations is increasing. With its interdisciplinary program, Hasan Kalyoncu University International Trade and Logistics Department aims to train students who can adapt to the changes in the information age, integrate with world science, compete in the international market, think analytically, are entrepreneurial, free, rational, fair and solution-oriented. Our academic program improves your learning performance by providing you with a solid infrastructure in logistics, marketing, economics, finance, business, law, quantitative analysis, communication technologies and international business.

Our department has 30% English language of instruction and includes compulsory preparatory class education. With the Erasmus+ exchange program, the opportunity to study abroad is also offered. Our students, who aim at various career plans, have the opportunity to do minor and double major in different departments. Our students can find the answers to the questions they wonder in practice thanks to the technical trips made during the education and training process and the panels where the participants from the sector come together.

Our students have the opportunity to practically apply the theoretical knowledge they have gained during 7 semesters in the sector within the scope of university-industry cooperation, subject to “Applied Education in the Industry (CO-OP)” in the last period of their 4-year education plans. Our students can do their CO-OP training at home as well as abroad.

We continue our education at undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels in order to equip you, who will be the professionals of the business world of the future, to take responsibility in your field in global markets.

Prof. Dr. Zehra Vildan SERİN

Head of International Trade and Logistics Department