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About Us

The Aim of the Program

International trade is one of the important elements of economic development, the importance of which is increasing day by day. national economies; It is rapidly becoming integrated with the global economy thanks to new technologies, decreasing barriers to international trade and investments, and developments in communication and information technologies. The phenomenon of competition brought about by globalization makes international markets as important as local markets for businesses in today’s economic and market conditions. In addition, it has become necessary for businesses to have information about this process in the process of accessing and adapting to the European Union and to exist in international areas.

International markets show a variable structure from market structure in local markets to consumer behavior, from economic stability to geographical conditions. For this reason, companies that have become a necessity to take place in international markets have to develop goods and services suitable for the cultural, economic and social characteristics of consumers in target markets, and to prepare and implement their marketing programs according to these differences, as well as searching for markets for their existing products.

The aim of the program is to deal with the connection between different cultural, economic, political and social needs and international trade and marketing with a scientific clarity by adopting an interdisciplinary approach required by the field in order to train professionals who will make these sociocultural, technological, economic and political differences meaningful. In this way, the program aims to train professionals such as managers, foreign trade specialists, and marketing managers who can make sense of international differences, use their knowledge in the field of marketing, play an illuminating role in the transformation of trade and inter-communal differences into commercial gains, use new communication technologies and are aware of their importance in terms of international marketing and trade. or to contribute to the development of young scientists who want to use the said knowledge in the academic field.