Erasmus Fall Semester Applications

Erasmus Fall Semester Applications

Dear students,

International Relations Office in the spring semester of 2015-2016 are starting to get the Erasmus References. A period that lets you see is a program that supports training abroad, and with the Erasmus scholarship. To participate in Erasmus, which passes through the written and spoken English test to measure English proficiency should take note.


Do not miss the chance to change your life!


After you fill out the application online and receive the output, you are kindly requested to bring with you to the office to sign the transcript.

Your signed application form and transcript and ID card copy at the latest October 23, 2015 17: 00 so you must bring to the office. Otherwise, your application will not be accepted.

Written English exam on Monday, 17:30 October  26 There will be.

The oral English exam will be on Tuesday, October 27th, with appointment.

The results will be announced on 11.02.2015.



To have finished 1st year

Have a minimum 2.5 grade point average

Application forms will be accepted after the deadline.

We welcome your submissions!


Note: 3-month summer internship for students who wish to apply to our program, internship applications will be next February.

Students wishing to participate should contact the now long-term exchange programs.

T.C. Kimlik No / TC ID :
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Adınız Soyadınız / Name Surname :
Başvuru Yaptığınız Eğitim Öğretim Yılı / Registration Term :
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