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Hasan Kalyoncu Üniversitesi Web Sayfası
Hasan Kalyoncu Üniversitesi Web Sayfası


Hasan Kalyoncu Üniversitesi Web Sayfası
International Trade and Logistics
International Trade and Logistics

International Trade and Logistics

Uluslararası Ticaret ve Lojistik

Uluslararası Ticaret ve Lojistik

The increasing importance of international trade, are among the important elements of economic development. National economies; new technologies, international trade and investment barriers in front of decreasing, thanks to advances in information and communication technologies are rapidly integrated into the global economy. The phenomenon of globalization in today's competitive economic and market conditions, international markets for businesses, makes up an important local markets. Also at the entrance and the European Union harmonization process for businesses, and have information about this process, it has become necessary in order to be there in the international arena. International markets, consumer behavior, market structure in the local market, poses a variable structure to geographic conditions of economic stability. Therefore, companies that have become imperative to take place in the international market next to the search market their existing products, cultural consumers in the target market, economic and social characteristics to develop appropriate products and services and to prepare marketing programs based on these differences, and it is difficult to implement. The program aims at the socio-cultural, technological, in order to train professionals to make economic and meaningful political differences, adopting an interdisciplinary approach mandated areas with different cultural, economic, links between the political and social needs of international trade and marketing is to consider a scientific openness. In this way, the program can make sense of international differences in the information using the marketing area of trade and social differences between the commercial gain uploads an enlightening role in the transformation that can use the new communication technologies and their managers are aware of the importance of international marketing and trade, foreign trade specialists, marketing managers, as professionals upbringing or such accumulation is thought to contribute to the development of young scientists who want to use in the academic field.

Program outcomes;

1.       To become individuals having high intellectual capacity, improved social skills, positive thinking, the ability to adapt to different environments and institutions
2.       To have technical equipment, flexible thinking and action ability and multiple language skills to be capable of working in international platforms
3.       Be able to understand generally accepted areas in logistics and supply chain management and realize the improvable areas by the help of their independent thinking abilities and have the ability to provide opportunities with innovative processes
4.       Be able to analyze the logistics and supply chain management processes using management science perspective and analytical approaches, analyze relevant concepts and ideas with scientific methods, interpret and evaluate the data
5.       To possess the ability of analytical thinking and the ability to synthesize with quantitative proficiency as required in the program
6.       To have the characteristics to inquire and investigate the knowledge and skills acquired during the education process in relation to the requirements of existing market conditions
7.       Be able to use the theoretical methods related to design, planning and decision making within the scope of logistics activities in the application areas
8.       To possess the knowledge of a second foreign language to the extent of their individual abilities, besides the competency in the English language to be able to communicate effectively
9.       To have the qualifications of managing and being managed to solve existing and potential problems encountered in practice
10.    To be able to organize activities that will contribute to the personal and professional development of the employees in the department where he/she holds an executive position
1st Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 INT100 Orientation Compulsory1
2 TDP101 Social Responsibility Projects I Compulsory2
3 TÜR101 Turkish Language and Literature I Compulsory2
4 İŞL121 Introduction to Business Administration Compulsory3
5 UTL151 English for International Trade and Logistics Compulsory2
6 UTL121 Principles of Mathematics Compulsory3
7 AİİT101 Ataturk's Principles and History Compulsory2
8 UTL141 Economics for Foreign Trade I Compulsory3
2nd Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 TDP102 Social Responsibility Projects I Compulsory2
2 TÜR102 Turkish Language and Literature II Compulsory2
3 UTL152 English for International Trade and Logistics Compulsory3
4 UTL122 Principles of Mathematics ll Compulsory3
5 AİİT102 Ataturk's Principles and History II Compulsory2
6 UTL142 Economics for Foreign Trade Il Compulsory3
3rd Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 İŞL201 General Accouting I Compulsory3
2 İST201 Statistics I Compulsory3
3 HUK201 Introduction to Law Compulsory3
4 İKT227 International Economics Compulsory3
5 UTL203 Logistics Information System Compulsory3
6 UTL205 Principles of Packeting and Handling Elective2
7 UTL211 Port and Terminal Management Elective2
8 UTL213 Correspondence and Contact Management in International Trade Elective2
9 UTL215 International Air Transportation Elective2
10 UTL217 Railway Transport Elective2
11 UTL219 Green Logistisc Elective2
4th Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 İŞL202 General Accouting II Compulsory3
2 İST202 Statistics II Compulsory3
3 HUK202 Business Law Compulsory3
4 UTL202 International Trade Theories Compulsory3
5 İŞL204 Principles of Marketing Compulsory3
6 UTL204 International Sales and Trade Agreements Elective2
7 UTL206 Transportation Management and Planning Elective2
8 UTL208 International Transport Ship Elective2
9 UTL210 Customs Procedures and Practices Elective2
10 UTL212 International Trade Organizations Elective2
11 UTL214 Security and Risk Management in Logistics Elective2
12 UTL216 Foreign Trade Relations of Turkey Elective2
5th Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 SOS301 Social Science Research Methods Compulsory3
2 UTL301 Operations Research I Compulsory3
3 UTL303 International Marketing Compulsory3
4 UTL305 Business Financing Compulsory3
5 UTL309 Selecting a Location in Logistics Elective2
6 UTL311 International Commercial Law Elective2
7 UTL313 Foreign Trade and Payment Methods Elective2
8 UTL315 International Trade Transport Insurance Elective2
6th Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 UTL302 Operations Research II Compulsory3
2 UTL304 Supply Chain Management Compulsory3
3 UTL306 Warehousing and Inventory Management Compulsory3
4 UTL310 Customs Clearing Operations Compulsory3
5 UTL312 Logistics Planning and Modeling Techniques Elective2
6 UTL314 International Marketing and Logistics Elective2
7 UTL316 Trade Finance and Resources Elective2
8 UTL318 Energy Logistics Elective2
7th Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 UTL401 International Logistics Management Compulsory3
2 UTL403 Intermodal Transport Compulsory3
3 UTL405 Simulating, Modelling and Optimization Compulsory3
4 UTL421 Import-Export Application Compulsory3
5 UTL409 International Transport Ship Elective2
6 UTL413 Taxation in International Trade Elective2
7 UTL415 Dangerous Goods Logistics Elective2
8 UTL417 Network Optimization and Logistics System Design Elective2
9 UTL423 Transportation and Distribution Operations Management Elective2
10 UTL425 Current Issues in Logistics Elective2
8th Semester
SıraCourse CodeCourse NameStatusCredit
1 UTL400 Practical Training in Industry Compulsory6